Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Often Hurt | Issaquah Dentist

If we are lucky, we only need to experience new teeth twice in our lives – when we are babies and as our permanent teeth come in. It isn’t a comfortable time in our lives at either point. Both happen during a formative time in our lives, when life is anything but normal. But for some of us, a third “teething” process takes place – wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth generally come in during our late adolescent years and turn up as molars in the back of your mouth. For some, it isn’t an issue. For most, it can be a very painful time. Here’s why:

Eruption. The top of your gums is full of nerves. When wisdom teeth erupt through the skin, they are breaking those nerves and the result is pain. Because teeth don’t grow in quickly, the pain can last for a lot longer than anyone wants until the tooth is fully grown.

Impaction. There are times when the tooth grows at the wrong angle, gets stuck in the gum and becomes impacted. The pain from an impacted wisdom tooth is felt in many places. It can affect the area of impaction, the teeth surrounding the impaction, the gums and the jaw.

Infection. Like any other infection of the teeth or gums, the infected wisdom tooth cause pain.

We can’t predict if your wisdom teeth will cause you pain. What we can be sure of is that pain from a wisdom tooth is normal. It is something that plenty of people deal with. The good news is that there are things to do about the pain. Medications can help manage the pain until the tooth grows in.

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