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Gum recession is a major oral health issue that can have a significant impact on both your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Many people do not even realize that it is happening at first because it occurs gradually. Some may notice minor tooth sensitivity but do not think anything of it. By the time gum recession is noticeable, it has progressed quite far, and your mouth is at risk for many complications. Typically, gum recession is reversed with a soft tissue graft. At Lake Sammamish Family Dentistry, we offer a minimally invasive alternative with the Chao pinhole technique.

What Causes Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when your gum tissue begins to pull back and wear away from the teeth, exposing more and more of their surface area. There are several reasons why your gums might recede.
•  Gum disease
•  Aggressive tooth brushing
•  Bruxism
•  Poor tooth alignment
•  The use of tobacco products
•  Tongue or lip piercings
•  Genetics
•  Aging

Effects of Gum Recession

When your gums recede, it can cause several different issues.
•  Your teeth begin to appear long.
•  The quality of your smile suffers.
•  Because there is more surface area of your teeth exposed, you are at an increased risk for developing cavities.
•  Small spaces begin to appear between your teeth.
•  Your roots can become exposed. This can lead to significant tooth sensitivity.
•  Your teeth lose some of their support. This can lead to your teeth beginning to shift out of alignment.

How Is Chao Pinhole Gum Grafting Performed?

The Chao pinhole gum grafting technique a minimally invasive procedure that is vastly different from traditional gum grafting techniques. It is a good option for most individuals suffering from gum recession. If you have more advanced stages of gum disease or recession, you may not be a candidate. After your oral health has been stabilized, the procedure can be performed. To perform this procedure, we use a specialized pin-like instrument to create a small hole in the gums approximately the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. We then carefully loosen the gum tissue and arrange it over the exposed areas of your teeth. Next, a strip of collagen is placed into the gums through the pinhole to hold the tissue in place. Visible results are noticeable immediately.

Benefits of the Chao Pinhole Technique

Chao pinhole gum grafting provides numerous benefits.
•  There are no surgical wounds. There is no need to remove tissue from the roof of your mouth.
•  No blades or stitches are required.
•  You experience minimal post-procedural pain, swelling, and bleeding.
•  Where it can take 2 to 3 weeks to heal from a traditional gum graft surgery, it generally takes about 24 hours for the pinhole created in your gums to heal.
•  We can treat several teeth in a single appointment. It is even possible to treat your whole mouth if necessary.
•  The procedure generally takes half the amount of time as a traditional grafting surgery.
•  Results are noticeable right away.

If gum recession is affecting the appearance of your smile and your oral health, the Chao pinhole gum grafting technique can restore your gum line in a much less invasive procedure than traditional gum grafting. Call Lake Sammamish Family Dentistry at (425) 270-1075 to find out if this treatment is right for you.
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