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Losing teeth has a significant impact on your life. Not only does it affect the functions of your mouth, making it more difficult to eat and speak, it also has a significant effect on the appearance of your smile. Replacing your missing teeth is essential for getting your life back. Lake Sammamish Family Dentistry can help with dentures and partials.

Causes of Tooth Loss

There are some different reasons that you might lose your teeth. One of the most common reasons for tooth loss is gum disease. When gum disease advances, your swollen gum tissue begins to pull away from your teeth. Bacteria are then able to fall below the gum line, where they begin attacking your periodontal ligaments and jawbone. These supporting structures weaken, which cause your teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. There are several other causes of tooth loss include:
•  Facial trauma, such as a car accident, a sports injury, or a fall in your home.
•  Severe tooth decay.
•  Bruxism.

Replacing Missing Teeth With Dentures

Dentures have been the solution for tooth loss for hundreds of years. Over the years, dentures have undergone numerous advancements, improving their appearance and reducing their bulkiness. Modern dentures are a removable prosthesis that consist of acrylic resin teeth set into an acrylic base that is colored to perfectly match your gum tissue. Designed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, the base of dentures rests directly on your gums, relying on them for support. Dentures are made from impressions of your mouth. Before having your impressions taken, any unhealthy teeth that are remaining in the arch must first be extracted. Once the impressions have been taken, they are sent to our dental lab, where they are custom designed and created. Once they are ready, we check them to ensure that they fit properly, feel comfortable and that your bite is normal. If everything checks out, you leave with a new set of fully-functioning teeth.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing only a section of teeth with healthy teeth remaining, we can provide you with a partial denture. After all, if the teeth in your jaw are healthy, there is no reason to remove them. In fact, leaving your natural teeth in place is ideal for the health of your mouth and your jawbone. Partial dentures are similar in design to regular dentures, consisting of acrylic resin teeth in a gum colored acrylic base. They are also created in the same way. Partial dentures, however, have metal clasps that attach to your healthy teeth, which aid in providing additional support.

Do Dentures Require Special Care?

Whether you have regular full dentures or partial dentures, they do require additional daily care. Every night, they should be removed and cleaned before cleaning your healthy teeth and your gums. They also need to be left out while you sleep, which gives your gums a break. After you remove your dentures, brush them with a soft bristled brush and denture paste and then set them to soak in a denture cleaning solution. Then take care of the rest of your mouth. In the morning, after you clean your mouth again, rinse your dentures and set them into place on your gums. If you are missing teeth, dentures can replace those teeth, restoring their functions and the appearance of your smile. For more information, and to find out if dentures or partials are the right solution for you, call Lake Sammamish Family Dentistry today at (425) 270-1075.
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