Do You Have a Habit that Affects Your Smile? | Issaquah Dentist

We all do the very best we can to preserve our smile, but there are some habits we have that may be doing some damage to it. If you find that you are a culprit to one of them, consider adding it to your resolution list:

Chewing ice. After you’ve finished a drink, you might have the habit of chewing the leftover ice. It’s a common occurrence for a lot of us and we don’t even think twice about it. But the cold and hardness of the ice cubes can do damage to your teeth by chipping or cracking them.

Using your teeth as a tool. Let’s face it – we all are guilty of this one at some point of another. Using your teeth to crack open nuts, or tear through plastic can be incredibly detrimental. Just like chewing ice, using your teeth as a tool may cause damage to your teeth. Use the appropriate tool for the job.

Drinking carbonated beverages. While soda is known to be incredibly sugary, this includes sugar-free sodas as well. Sodas are acidic and incredibly harmful to teeth.

Biting your nails. This one is one of the more common bad habits, but biting your nails is not only damaging to your nail beds, but also your teeth.

Grinding your teeth. The official term for this habit is bruxism and it commonly occurs at night. Grinding your teeth can wear them down. While this is difficult to control, a dentist may give you a night guard to help you get it under control. Destressing also helps.

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